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JOSH AND JULIAGallier Hall, New Orleans

Josh & Julia are an incredible couple. They are both remarkably smart and accomplished yet humble and friendly. When they contacted me about their New Orlean's wedding I may have jumped a little. I've been wanting to go to NOLA for years. The city is full of life and culture, and a wonderful juxtaposition of artistic options for a photographer living in rural Virginia[...]

KATHERINE AND KEITHGarfield Park Conservatory, Chicago

Katherine and Keith were married Valentine's Day in Chicago. That morning I woke up to snow appearing to 'fall' sideways in seriously windy conditions (way to live up to your name, Windy city!) It continued to snow off and on all day, but Katherine and Keith's wedding was a warm, bright celebration inside Garfield Park Conservatory. Katherine & Keith (dubbed K²) did n[...]